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Whiteboards with Reversible Stand & Rollers

Whiteboards with Reversible Stand & Rollers


This is a special made-to-order type of whiteboard which is Back-to-Back (Double Face) that requires 4 – 5 days to manufacture. This is also movable because it comes with a reversible stainless steel stand with rollers. This magnetic whiteboard comes with a whiteboard eraser / marker holder.

How to Install the whiteboard:
First, take out the manual on how to assemble the whiteboard stand & rollers. Before assembling the whiteboard stand, double check all the parts and screws are all present. Now start assembling the whiteboard stand and finally insert the whiteboard into the stand. Make sure all the screws and bolts are screwed tightly.

Available Whiteboard Sizes:

Inches Feet Meters
24" X 36" INCHES 2' X 3' FEET .61 X .91 METERS
36" X 36" INCHES 3' X 3' FEET .91 X .91 METERS
36" X 48" INCHES 3' X 4' FEET .91 X 1.22 METERS
36" X 60" INCHES 3' X 5' FEET .91 X 1.52 METERS
36" X 72" INCHES 3' X 6' FEET .91 X 1.83 METERS
48" X 48" INCHES 4' X 4' FEET 1.22 X 1.22 METERS
48" X 60" INCHES 4' X 5' FEET 1.22 X 1.52 METERS
48" X 72" INCHES 4' X 6' FEET 1.22 X 1.83 METERS
48" X 96" INCHES 4' X 8' FEET 1.22 X 2.43 METERS

How to order:
- This is customized / made-to-order whiteboard where we require 50% down payment to be deposited to the company’s bank account. Once deposited, kindly fax or email the deposit slip together with the Purchase Order which includes the customer’s Company Name, Address, Contact Nos., and Contact Person.
- This will take 4 – 5 days to manufacture and will be delivered to your desired address.
- Payment for the 50% balance will be collected upon delivery.

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