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Magnetic Whiteboard Uses for different kinds of industry

We all have different purposes and uses for magnetic whiteboards. It varies from one industry to another. This article may help you maximize the use of your whiteboards based from the business and type of industry you are engaged with. Whiteboards are not limited for lecture and school purposes alone; we can maximize its use, it may also serve as the following:

 1.  Daily Production Kit Whiteboard
 2.  Production Project Board
 3.  Assignments Board
 4.  Calendars Board
 5.  Delivery Schedule Whiteboard
 6.  Facilities and Equipment Use Board
 7.  In and Out Messages Board
 8.  Job Control Board
 9.  Daily Job Schedule Board
 10. Job Status Board
 11. Machine Load Board
 12. Shipping Schedule Board
 13. Loading Dock Board
 14. Personnel and Organization Board
 15. Plotting and production Board
 16. Productivity and Metrics Board
 17. Vacation and Attendance Board
 18. Rotating Production Schedule Board
 19. Plant Metrics Board
 20. Improvement Center Board
 21. Staff and Crew Assignment Board
 22. Preventive Maintenance Board
 23. Reminder Board

The following Industries may benefit from these uses:

1. Manufacturing
  • Industrial strength boards for managing production, metrics, and safety.
  • Posting of Calendar schedule.
  • Use of Facilities and Equipments.
  • Plant metrics.

2. Contractor
  • Boards to manage jobs, crews, projects equipment use & more.
  • Daily production and Job control status
  • Machine Load schedule.

3. Hospital & Medical
  • Boards for scheduling, staffing and operating healthcare services, every hospital board can be customized to your
   medical staff operations needs.
  • Post In and out messages

4. Restaurant
  • Staff shifts schedules and daily specials menu boards.
  • Vacation and Attendance.
  • Rotating Schedule

5. Retail Store
  • Staff shifts schedules, work stations and stocking boards.
  • Rotating Schedule

6. BPO Companies
  • Personnel boards for tracking employee time off.
  • Every employee board can be designed for your human resources needs.
  • Conferences and Training needs.
  • Assignment Board.

7. Educational Institutions
  • Display personnel training status on a magnetic whiteboard
  • Mark the dates on color magnets to indicate when a specific training was completed.
  • Lecture Topics ad Assignment board.

8. Banks and Finance Sector
  • Finance Graphs
  • Business Sales Projection.

9. Trading
  • Delivery and Shipping Schedule and its logistic plans.
  • Target Sales and projection

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