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Different Uses of Dry-Erase Whiteboards

Businesses use whiteboards for different functions it may be used in various industries such as:

  In Offices
    •  Whiteboard is an indispensable tool for powerful and effective presentations, brainstorming sessions,
      sketching preliminary flow charts of business processes, jotting down reminders, and creating to-do lists.

    •  Keep your notes, pending paper works and reminders organized in a magnetic whiteboard.

    •  Whiteboards can turn time- and money-consuming conferences into smooth-running and cost-effective.

In classrooms, whiteboards open up a whole new world of education. Allows the teacher to incorporate the content into the lesson.

    •   Displaying it on a big ensures that all students’ eyes are front and centre. Plus, the wide variety of color
      marker choices can result to more vibrant visual presentation and stimulation possible as a result.

    •   Timesaving and versatile, whiteboards enable students to stay focused and teachers to perform more
      effectively. The teacher can emphasize points by pointing them.

    •   Dry erase or magnetic whiteboards are built stronger and more resilient, and many are also built to act
      double duty as effective "projection screens", andcontinue to be just as capable "teacher aids" as they`ve
      always been.

Other Uses:

  Basketball and Volleyball
    •   Court Layout with a white background color. There is a customizable text for the team`s name or for the
      coach name.Court lines have been drawn freely and therefore they might not be 100% in scale. Can also
      be used for more other sports like badminton, swimming, track and field etc.


  Home Office
    •   If you have your very own office in the comfort of your home, then a whiteboard is a necessity. Whiteboards
      for home offices can be used for writing down daily task list, as a message board for write reminders and
      notes to your family, and also for making quick sketches or studies.

    •   You can draw a calendar template to your whiteboard to create a rewritable calendar that can help you
      remind of your schedule.

    •   For magnetic whiteboard at home offices, you can attach your pending paperwork, receipts, letters, faxes,
      etc. to keep the clutter off your desk while keeping it in an area you can easily access.

    •   Whiteboards located at your kitchen can be used for jotting down grocery lists, recipes, important contact
      numbers, your family’s schedule and to do lists and also, little messages for family members.


    •   When writing on a whiteboard to teach preschoolers, it increases their visual attention, refines their visual
      discrimination and enhances learning for children who are more visual and tactile learners.

    •   Allow children to practice writing on a whiteboard to enhance motor skills.

    •   Different colors of whiteboard markers can help kids to learn about the primary and secondary colors.

    •   Because whiteboards are excellent surfaces to write down on, kids can play writing games such as
      Tic-Tac-Toe, Hang Man, Spelling Game and more.


    •   Whiteboards of many sizes can be used inside hospital buildings, from hallways to patient wards. Doctors
      and nurses use this to write down schedules, reminders, task list, and doctors’ and patients’ information.

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