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Difference of Interactive Whiteboards from
Standard Whiteboards


An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. The instructor can then manipulate the elements on the board by using his finger as a mouse, directly on the screen. Items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the lecturer can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved. Many schools are purchasing whiteboards (IWB) for classrooms. However,Installation of the board can cost you much and the projector requires a number of factors to be managed including power and cabling to the components and connection to a laptop or computer. There are a number of cases where the installation of the board and projector has been inappropriate resulting in asbestos incidents, electrical safety issues, trip hazards, poor access and unstable fixtures. Interactive whiteboards can cost starting at $1,199 or Php53,835, which can be quite pricey especially if it will be placed in every classroom.

It is important to introduce classroom technology like Interactive Whiteboards to students so that they can experience lessons with better interaction. But still, IWBs takes effort and hard work for teachers to learn and get to know. There are teachers and professors who struggle with technology; therefore, Interactive Whiteboards are not for everyone.


Standard Dry Erase Whiteboards are great economical choice for light uses needs. These boards are ideal for cubicles, small offices, and low traffic common areas.Offers all the flexibility required to do what you wish. The smooth and durable writing surface is useful for jotting down notes, organizing ideas and brainstorming.Uncomplicated mounting makes it easy to move or transport and the simple design allows them to fit in with any décor and much affordable than interactive whiteboards.It can also be used as a screen for overhead projectors which allows the teacher / presenter to use the device more efficiently.

For practical uses, Standard Whiteboards are the way to go. A 3’ x 6’ feet wall type whiteboard can cost from only $77.45 or Php 3,480.00 which are far more affordable than Interactive Whiteboards. It doesn’t need to be regularly replaced because standard whiteboards can last from 2-4 years or more with proper care and cleaning. It also comes with tools like whiteboard markers, erasers and magnets which are inexpensive as well.

Quick Overview
 • Allows and secures board to wall vertically or horizontally mounting to accommodate any space
 • One of the best things about the standard whiteboards is that they are simple to install or hang
 • Provides a smooth writing surface and sleek frame that make it an attractive alternative to more expensive boards
 • Long-lasting, takes 2 – 4 years before replacement
 • Requires less tools (whiteboard marker, whiteboard eraser) which are inexpensive
 • A far more cheaper choice than interactive whiteboards

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