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5 Kinds of Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard marker or dry-erase marker uses an erasable ink, marks are easy to clean and eraseable. The erasable ink does not contain the toxic chemical compounds xylene and/or toluene as have been used in permanent markers. Here are 5 kinds of Markers and its description:

Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Pen Style Markers
  o Bold colors command attention even at a distance
  o Erases cleanly and easily
  o For use on whiteboards, glass and non-porous surfaces
  o Certified AP Nontoxic ink
  o Black, Red, Green, Blue

Dry Wipe Whiteboard Markers
  o Connectable dry wipe whiteboard markers.
  o Bullet point.
  o Super Cap Off Time: can be left uncapped for several days without drying out (according to ISO 554)
  o Can be clipped together
  o Round tip, line width approx 2 mm
  o Black, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple & Brown
  o Known brand which carry this kind of whiteboard marker is Faber-Castell

Alcohol Based Whiteboard Markers
  o Nib size is 2.0mm
  o Bullet type nib for round edged writing
  o Contains dry erase ink for use with enamel porcelain or melamine surfaces
  o Suitable for use on electronic whiteboards
  o Low odour & Aluminum Barrel
  o Metal barrel for extra durability
  o Refillable so you can save money
  o Xylem-free
  o Known brand that which this kind of whiteboard marker is Artline

Whiteboard Marker ideal for Porcelain and Melamine surfaces
  o Aluminum Barrel
  o Bullet Nib (1.2mm)
  o Dry erase ink
  o Alcohol based pigment ink & Non offensive low odor
  o Dense bold colors
  o Refillable
  o Known brand that which this kind of whiteboard marker is Artline

Flipchart White Board Marker
  o Easily dry wiped from whiteboards. Ideal for flip chart, it does not seep through to the pages underneath.
  o Odorless ink without addition Toluol and Xylol.
  o Refillable with refill station Maxx 656. The whiteboard marker with the bullet tip 1-3mm
  o Known brand that which this kind of whiteboard marker is Schneider

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