Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

What you have to consider in purchasing a whiteboard for home/personal use or for your business/office needs? These are the top 3 things that you have to consider and to think about before you make that Purchase order.

1. Quality
   The most important thing that one should consider is the condition and quality of the item you are purchasing,
   value is associated most of the time with bargain, but you have to think again and see how long the whiteboard
   will last, it is inviting and very practical to buy a low-priced whiteboard but a shaky stand and non sliding holder
   is very inconvenient, it is a small price to pay additional for a smoother surface and safe corners.

2. Service
   As a Whiteboard product specialist, Whiteboards Express ( can give professional service
   that are not only limited to giving you whiteboard information but assist you personally to decide for the best
   whiteboard that will suit your need. We assess the needs first and do not sell you items that can damage the
   name and reputation of the company. Our teams of experts are trained to answer all inquiries about whiteboard
   installation, whiteboard classification and sizes, customization that will perfectly fit your conference rooms,
   training rooms and classrooms. Beyond expertise, we also have a well experience logistics team, we have
   partnered with shipping companies in the US, Canada and All over Asia who have mastered the ins and outs of
   the trading business. Plus a well rounded, helpful and friendly customer service staff that are very accommodating
   and easy to talk to.

3. Price
   According to University of Illinois business professor, the low prices on the Internet are often accompanied by
   even lower product quality, we don’t sell cheap whiteboards but our price is reasonable enough not too high and
   not so low that the quality is compromised. We have sturdy stands and thick ply-boards to support the whiteboard
   and the smooth surface of our whiteboards are made from prime grade materials pressed using a heavy duty
   industrial machines. We are in the industry for 25 years and we cannot sacrifice quality over quantity, we are
   dedicated to give the most appropriate price and the best value for your money. provides you with blogs and articles designed to help you in your search for information on purchasing the right whiteboard. You may read though our compilation to help you further. It is our pleasure to give you the best service 24 hours 7 times a week.

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