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How to Choose a Quality Whiteboard

Many whiteboards look the same, but they are not constructed the same. Knowing what the differences can save both time and money.

There are a wide array of whiteboard frames, styles and sizes to choose from. Whiteboard surfaces are designed with different levels of quality, intended for different uses and frequency of use. Here are the basic guidelines to determine if your whiteboard is a good buy.

Here are additional whiteboard permanent marker removing tips for any kinds of magnetic whiteboards:

Aluminum frames are the best frames when it comes to magnetic whiteboards. It comes with a sliding whiteboard eraser holder where you can position it either on the far left-side or right-side of the whiteboard. Low quality whiteboards has a fixed whiteboard eraser holder where you have no choice to where it is positioned which some say is very inconvenient. There are also wooden frames available however there are only a few sizes available to choose from. The biggest size for wooden frames is 2’ x 3’ feet only. Also, check if the frame is smoothly polished.

Corner caps are standard protection against cuts and wounds. A nicely made whiteboard normally has rubber or plastic caps on all corners; this is to ensure that there are no rough or sharp edges. To ensure safety to kids, especially in the lower levels, kids tend to run around or may accidentally hit the corner edges. It should also be sturdy and installed properly, not shaky, and glued tightly.

Smoothness of the surface varies from different kinds of material that was used in making the whiteboard, the standard magnetic whiteboard surface is laminated whiteboard sheets heat pressed against the wood. Before buying, consider touching how smooth the entire surface is. If you feel some sand-like particles against the paint then it can be a substandard one.

Bubbles are the worst thing that your whiteboards could have. It simply shows that it is not heat pressed properly or the process in making the whiteboard did not adhere to the correct standards. Check if there are lumps on the surface, but most of the time it also disappears in a matter of few hours. Proper storage and handling after the heating process is required to get that good quality whiteboard.

Go for a thick aluminum stand, some whiteboards even have corrugated stands or stands with design. If you are purchasing a whiteboard with stand and rollers, you might need to check if the whiteboard stand is sturdy enough when you shake or move it. The rollers or wheels should also be screwed properly and tightly. There are stands that are collapsible where assembling is required but a good advantage about this, it is easier to transport from place to place. Low quality stands are already fixed and assembling is not needed but it is hard to transport because you cannot dismantle it.

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