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How to properly clean and take care of your
dry erase whiteboards

Often than not, we tend to forget to erase writing in our whiteboards and those marking sit there for some time and became so difficult to erase in just one swipe.

There are many ways to clean whiteboards or dry erase boards. Before you try any of the suggested methods and solutions mentioned below, make it a routine to first test the method on a small portion of whiteboard before using it on the entire board. This will allow you to see if this is effective before proceeding. Here are the following methods that are tested and readily available in the market:

 • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
 • Hairspray
 • Carpet Spot Remover
 • Toothpaste
 • Baby wipes with alcohol content
 • Deodorants
 • Hand Sanitizer
 • Shaving Cream
 • Car Wax

After applying the abrasives, wipe it off with a dry clean cloth or tissue paper or towel. We all want fresh new looking whiteboards before the start of every class or business meeting and the products that we have enumerated can leave your whiteboards as good as new. Regular cleaning is recommended; erase the marking right away if it is no longer needed. Never use pointed metals like ball pens when doing your presentation and do not use sharp objects for any reasons too, this will prolong the life of you magnetic dry erase whiteboards.

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