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Three easy steps on how to remove permanent
markers from your whiteboards

If you accidentally use a permanent marker in your magnetic whiteboard, the first step is use a whiteboard marker and scribble over permanent marker. Second, you have to make sure that everything is covered. The whiteboard marker has a solvent agent that helps to moisten the markings and you can easily erase it using an ordinary whiteboard erase. The third step is to erase, any ordinary whiteboard eraser or a dry clean cloth or wipe outs to erase it will do. Voila! You now have a clean and clear whiteboard. You may repeat the same process to remove the remaining smudges or left behind markings. The same process may be applied to hard to remove markings, other says that if you let the whiteboard marks sit for no longer that 30 seconds or so, it will get better results.

Here are additional whiteboard permanent marker removing tips for any kinds of magnetic whiteboards:

Marker Remover Tip #1 - The color of the whiteboard marker does not matter, you may use any color over the permanent marker as long as it’s a white board marker.

Marker Remover Tip #2 - Other ways to remove permanent markers is by using dry cleaner fluids. (such as hairspray or carpet spot remover)

Marker Remover Tip #3 - Kitchen cupboard remedies may also work on your whiteboard (such as vinegar, water , baking soda, peroxide, ammonia, margarine, coffee, lighter fuel, aerosol hairspray, soft scrub, sunscreen, WD40, Bon Ami powder, brass polish, diet soda).

Marker Remover Tip #4 - You may also use personal care products. (Such as toothpaste, baby wipes, deodorant, hand sanitizer, hairspray, Ben-Gay, shoe polish, acetone, shaving cream).

Marker Remover Tip #5 – Also try commercial cleaner. (Such as lava soap, Cameo kitchen cleanser, Bar-Keeper’s friend, orange goop, windex, wood floor cleaner).

Marker Remover Tip #6 - Garage products can also be handy and effective like (WD40, car wax).

Do not use whiteboard spray or other cleaners that are not mentioned on the magnetic whiteboard or eraser when treating a permanent mark. This will likely make the problem even worse as it could remove the "carrier" from the permanent ink. There are times the marks will not completely be erased.

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